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About Us

AAIC (Australian Anti Ice Campaign) are Educating & Raising Awareness of the dangers associated with the drug ICE, which is currently a growing epidemic in our nation.

We are inviting the community to unite with us in this campaign to “Put the Freeze on ICE”.

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Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs

Optimal Health Group (OHG) and the Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) , have partnered to educate each local community on the harm associated with ICE & Other Drugs. We are rolling out the Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs and this has been presented at;

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Family Support Group


For loved ones of those suffering drug Addiction

Optimal Health Group and AAIC have partnered to offer a new and free family support group, meeting fortnightly in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Families are provided with some valuable basic tools to teach them how to help their loved one through the costs vs benefits and to challenge them to work towards treatment as a goal. They will be given resources that will include a range of treatment and intervention services. If families need further intervention, a resource referral list will be given, that will have further intensive and useful help.

For families living outside the Gold Coast, or living in a location where other Family Support is lacking, an affordable Online Family Support Service is available by contacting Optimal Health Group on the number listed below.

Numbers are strictly limited.
To book and secure your place please call
0481 844 555

Our Mission

Our aim is to expose the truth about ICE by bringing a proven role model program into our schools and community to educate our nation about this highly addictive drug. AAIC will also use high impact/shock tactic TV commercials, National Billboards and social media saturation to educate and target people of all ages and backgrounds, as this terrible drug does not discriminate.

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Our Vision

AAIC [Australian Anti Ice Campaign] was founded in order to educate and raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of ICE use [Methamphetamine], Which is currently a growing epidemic within Australia. Far too long now we have taken only a “reactive” role in considering this devastating substance and are struggling to keep up with the rapid increase of ICE use in our nation putting increasing pressure on our rehabilitation centres, detox clinics not to mention our hospitals and police.


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