AAIC Army Ambassadors

AAIC sincerely thanks all the individuals listed below, and the people / organisations who referred them, for their ongoing financial support for AAIC and for being Ambassadors for AAIC in spreading the Not even Once Message.

Number  Ambassador Name  Referred By 
1 Andre'a  Simmons Glenn Ivers
2 Glenn Ivers Andre’a Simmons
3 Cici Simmons Andre’a Simmons
4 Scherrie Ivers Glenn Ivers
5 Robert Purdie Andre’a Simmons
6 Jay Birch Glenn Ivers
7 Dianne Mc Kenzie Andre’a Simmons
8 Michael Alder Andre’a Simmons
9 Jeremy-Paul Most Glenn Ivers
10 Ellen Irving Jeremy Most
11 Andrew Hardie Jeremy Most
12 Nia Pashalidis Jeremy Most
13 Nicholas Most Jeremy Most
14 Leeanne Butcher Jeremy Most
15 Kyle Schulz Jeremy Most
16 Jordan Macdonell Jeremy Most
17 Darren Uys Jeremy Most