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NEW: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Intervention SAMHI Chemically Speaking Two (Brief Intervention) is now available online.

This course costs $75 on the Udemy.com platform, however people may receive a 40% discount from us by using our token below to purchase the course for only $45 for a limited time.

This program is an introduction and an ideal platform for the comprehensive Dual Diagnosis 2 day (12 hour) advanced SAMHI (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Intervention) Training designed for front line workers that will be released during 2017.

This program will help you develop the skills to deliver brief and early interventions to people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. This is part of our wider Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs as explained on our website

This program will also help you to learn how to run family support groups. We run weekly live family support groups, as well as a weekly online family support group that you can join. You can read more about it here.

Chemically Speaking Two is the 2017 upgrade to the original Chemically Speaking produced in 1999 and now provides training in:

  1. Substance Abuse & Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis)
  2. Integrative Holistic Model
  3. Needs & Underlying Issues that drive addictions
  4. Grief Cycle & Anger
  5. Drink & Drug Driving
  6. Cycle of Addiction

    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Cannabis
    • Stimulants (Speed, Ice, Ecstasy, Cocaine)
  7. Optimal Health
  8. Stages of Change
  9. Costs vs Benefits – doing a brief intervention.
  10. Tripod of Support for the drug user to help them move forward & stay safe.


 NEW: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Intervention Training (Dual Diagnosis) available ONLINE 2017 at www.samhi.online

The live 2 days training below has now been reduced from $290 to $145 (50% off) and will continue to be delivered on the Gold Coast and other locations as requested.

People will participate in 2 days of intensive training, covering all of the current evidence based, best practice in the Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) and Mental Health industry from a holistic framework (see diagram in attached brochure).

The Dual Diagnosis Consultant delivering the training, lived over 7 years an ex-addict himself and spent over 10 years accessing various treatment and recovery programs to work through the underlying issues. Since then, he has 24 years of clinical experience as a counsellor and 15 years as an educator to Government and Non-Government organisations in Australia.

The Dual Diagnosis Training Intro video on the website introduces the 2 day advanced training that explains Substance Abuse, (with Alcohol & Other Drugs), as well as Mental Health Issues. The training is outlined in detail below at the end of this email and further information is also available on the website. This training will equip workers to be able to deliver a brief & early intervention to people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues as well as advanced psychotherapeutic skills.

The Cost

The cost of the 2 days training has now been reduced from $290 to $145 (50% off) as we are launching our online Substance Abuse & Mental Health Training (Dual Diagnosis) in 2017 which is also $145. Further information on the website.

Payment can be made by cash on day or by bank transfer or PayPal by credit card. Details on attached brochure and website.

Location and Dates

The Dual Diagnosis Training will be delivered in:

  • Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) on Monday 27 November 2017 and Tuesday 28 November 2017
  • Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) on Monday 26 February 2018 and Tuesday 27 February 2018

This address will be sent to you upon acceptance into the training. Both of the 2 days of training are compulsory and cannot be missed. The website  will continue to list future training dates and locations.

Training will start 9am SHARP and will finish around 5pm. Please arrive between 8:30am - 8:45am on 1st day to allow us time for registration.

If you wish to reserve a place for the Dual Diagnosis Training, please fill in the details on the Dual Diagnosis website nominate which location you want to attend. The training can only fit about 20 participants, so we can only reserve a place for those who respond first, or if you have already confirmed your commitment earlier.


Optimal Health Group has been providing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) since 2002 and we have arranged with various TAFE in Australia to provide the RPL kits for students that complete our Dual Diagnosis Training (www.dualdiagnosistraining.com.au) and want to apply for a workplace assessment as explained on the website (www.dualdiagnosistraining.com.au/rpl-upskilling/).

This is an optional service for people that want to upskill that have completed the 2 days advanced training which meets the competencies in the AOD & Mental Health modules.

For people that have completed their Dual Diagnosis Training in the past, or those already working in the alcohol & other drug industry, you may be interested in getting involved in the Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs below


Optimal Health Group and AAIC run public community forums in various towns & cities to educate the community on the harm associated with ICE & other drugs and invite the members of the community to get involved in:

  1. School based drug education (Grades 7-12), offered by AAIC (www.australianantiicecampaign.org.au)
  2. Attend Dual Diagnosis Training (www.dualdiagnosistraining.com.au/) to learn skills in delivering brief & early interventions to drug users or run family support groups.
  3. Partner with treatment services to increase help available to drug users, including detox, intensive outpatient treatment, residential rehabilitation and supported accommodation.
  • School counsellors, teachers and chaplains are invited from schools to attend this public forum.
  • This also is an opportunity for parents to attend and learn what students will be taught during the school based drug education.
  • Community agency workers are invited from key service agencies; including Youth Justice & other youth services, housing, legal, financial, health etc
  • As well as local volunteers from existing support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.

We invite you to attend these public community forums and then participate in the Dual Diagnosis Training to develop skills;

  • to deliver school based education,
  • or provide brief and early interventions,
  • or facilitate and run support groups.

George Patriki
Director - Optimal Health Group
PO Box 1253
Palm Beach QLD 4221
Mb: 0408 332 765
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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