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Every life matters – every family matters - every day matters!


AAIC aims to expose the drug Ice for what it really is, an insidiously poisonous chemical concoction that eventually, and often rapidly, destroys the physical and mental health of almost everyone who uses it, with the destruction of families and friendships, and often suicide, as the ultimate outcome.


This seven and a half minute television interview provides a concise summary of AAIC Founder and Chief Executive Andre’a Simmons story - why AAIC was formed and what we aim to achieve.


The National Ice Taskforce 2015 made a number of significant findings relating to Ice use by Australia’s youth, including:   

  • In the six years between 2007 and 2013, the number of Australians aged 14 to 19 using Ice tripled;   
  • Of even greater concern, in the three years between 2010 and 2013, the number of Australians males aged 14 to 19 using Ice nearly doubled;  

Wastewater sampling shows a dramatic spiral in methamphetamine use in the general community, with up to 480% increases detected in some regions in the six years up to 2016. 

Household Drug Survey data has shown an increase in weekly or daily Ice use from 12% of Ice users in 2010 to 32% in 2016. The majority of these dependant users are identified as new, young users smoking Ice. 

Other research conducted at the University of South Australia found brain wave patterns and physical movement patterns similar to the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease in adolescents who had used Ice only five or six times. 

Together, these figures indicate that Australia is facing a potential National catastrophe. 


AAIC is implementing a radical intervention to address this potential catastrophe by employing and training people like Andre'a Simmons who have recovered from Ice addiction to integrate their own often horrific stories into a high impact Education Workshop promoting our core message – Not Even Once.

This recent A Current Affair exclusive provides an overview of  AAIC's In School Education Workshop Program.

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We have received consistently great feedback from those who have participated in our School Education Workshop Program. You can Click Here to read some of these testimonials from students and teachers.

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