Pathway To Recovery

Pathway to Recovery was designed by AAIC to help people struggling with addiction create pathways into recovery and maintain a clean and healthy life. Pathway to Recovery provides essential support services through our care team. This includes, but is not limited to:-

  • Peer support,
  • Entry into detox & rehab programs,
  • Assistance with medical and psychological assessments,
  • Court drug testing regimes,
  • Group therapy,
  • Post-rehab support with relapse prevention programs,
  • Back-to-work training, and much more.

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Pathway to Recovery takes a holistic approach, which focuses on addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction as well as spiritual. We believe in treating the whole person and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. Our motto is “do unto others as we would like to have done unto ourselves," and the care team are truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction, through the AAIC Buddy Peer Support Program.

The AAIC Buddy Peer Support Program is offered through a unique tripod system of support services that are tailored to everyone’s needs.


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We are not a government-funded organisation and to keep operating we would like to extend an opportunity for you to give a regular monthly contribution towards this work. Pathway to recovery is a part of the LEASE program.